Pharmacogenomics Testing

Introducing the Comprehensive Health Report (CHR) from Resolve MDx

Headquartered in Franklin, TN, Resolve Molecular Diagnostics (Resolve MDx), a leading molecular diagnostic solutions company, is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with the precise, timely genetics data needed to inform best possible treatment plans and enhance patient wellbeing, safety and satisfaction.

Resolve MDx offers healthcare professionals and their patients a diagnostic test that provides insight into a patient’s genetic makeup and how that person is likely to respond to various medications.

Called, pharmacogenomics, the data gleaned from the test helps healthcare professionals evaluate individual genotypes and develop strategies to:

  • Optimize drug therapies for each patient
  • Minimize the potential for adverse drug effects
  • Reduce drug-drug interactions 

Diagnostic Specialties

Women’s Health
Cardiology and Thrombophilia
Cancer Drug Sensitivity


Laboratory Test Reports

Comprehensive Health Report