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Engage patients in their pursuit of good health with RESOLVE MDx

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Prescribe with confidence knowing a drug is a good match for a patient’s DNA

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A person’s response to
drugs can be well understood.

Our Comprehensive Health Report analyzes very specific genes to determine if the medications a person takes will be safe and effective.

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Managing chronic diseases like diabetes, chronic pain, cardiovascular, and mental illness are hard enough. Don’t let the variability of a person’s genes make it even more difficult to treat the disease effectively.

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Pharmacogenomics Testing

Your fingerprints are unique to only you and that’s not all

Your genetic make up determines how you process and metabolize prescription medications.  At Resolve Molecular Diagnostics (Resolve MDx), we are dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with the precise, timely genetics data needed to inform best possible treatment plans and enhance patient well-being, safety, and satisfaction.

Evaluating patient-specific DNA data and how that person is likely to respond to medications means that the era of personalized medicine is here! Learn how Resolve MDx can map patient genotypes to maximize drug therapy efficacy, minimize potential drug interactions and enhance outcomes.

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At Resolve MDx, we understand the complexities of running a successful healthcare practice. With today’s challenging reimbursement environment, increased consumer expectations, and evolving integrated care networks, the business of healthcare has never been more demanding.

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Healthcare Organizations

In today’s risk-based reimbursement environment, we believe it’s vital to provide our healthcare organization clients with a comprehensive suite of diagnostic services that support efforts to meet health outcome, financial management and patient satisfaction goals.

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Corporate Wellness

Resolve MDx is currently collaborating with Resolve Health. This collaboration focuses on corporate wellbeing and health. Resolve Health works with self-insured and fully funded employers that look to provide unique and measurable wellness programs to keep their employees as healthy and productive as possible.

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